Cat Visits

Are you worried about going away on holiday or for a weekend and putting your cat to a cattery? Have you leaned on your friends and neighbours too many times for cat-sitting duties? Does your cat have special dietary or medical needs?

Cats are creatures of habit and being independently minded may not take kindly to being moved to an unfamiliar place and having their movements restricted. By having a cat sitter your cats can remain in their home and follow their normal routine, their normal meals, their normal diet. Whatever your cats do when you are there, they can do with their cat sitter. The care of your cats can also be combined with the care of all your other animals – and your home.

     With Going Away, your cats will:

  • remain in their own home

  • follow their normal routine

  • eat their normal diet

  • continue their usual grooming routine

  • have medication and any other special requirements that are required

  • receive all the love and attention you give them and probably won’t even notice you have gone!

     Daily Visits Available:

Daily visits to feed cats can be arranged in certain areas – please phone us to see if we can visit regularly to keep the travel expenses reasonable. We can always arrange for a residential cat sitter anywhere. If you have any further questions, please email us or visit or frequently asked questions page.

Each visit is adapted to meet the needs of your cat, including those that need a little extra love or care. I am dedicated to providing trusted and professional cat sitting service and I am fully insured and have a DBS Police check.

I can visit either once or twice daily to provide fresh water, food, make a fuss and check your house is secure.


Cat visits start at £11 a visit (based on 1 or two cats) more than one visit can be arranged each day if required.

Includes: Feeding, cleaning of empty bowl, changing fresh water, cleaning litter trays and 20 minutes of fuss time! Approx visit to last 30 mins.

Two x visits per day £16.00 - (for one or two cats) Includes: Feeding, cleaning of empty bowl, changing fresh water, cleaning litter trays and 20 minutes of fuss time! Each visit to last 30 mins each.

More than two cats? Please add  £4 for each additional cat

Mileage is included within 4 miles from Highbridge and then charged at 50p per mile (each way)

Overnight Cat Sitting:  at £45 per 24-hour stay in your home for up to 2 cats. Add £4 or each additional car per 24 hour stay. 

Ask us for information on multiple pet homes. This may be covered in the FAQ Page, so please check there first and then get in touch

Will you administer pet medication?

Yes, absolutely. There is a charge of £3 per medication administered.

white cat beside blue ceramic bowl
white cat beside blue ceramic bowl
brown tabby cat on white wooden table
brown tabby cat on white wooden table